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          videohive.cn中文网成立于2009年! 致力于国内数字视觉模板分享!免费下载!独家600T云智能数据模板共享系统!

          Become an Author

          Top authors can make between $20,000 and $50,000 per month selling stock! Imagine creating what you want, when you want, from the comfort of your own home, making passive income whether you’re working or not. Some of our authors sell stock in their free time as a hobby, some do it to get their name out there, and some are able to make it their full time profession.

          Payment Rates

          We’ve recently changed our payment structure and now you can make even more selling. Authors can now earn up to 70% on every sale! Be sure to check out the full payment rate schedule for more details.

          Getting started

          Becoming an author is as easy as can be; Just follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to making passive income by selling stock!

          1. Read the FAQ’s below
          2. Read the authoring tutorial
          3. Take the author quiz

          Once you’ve passed the author quiz, you’re ready to start uploading!

          1. Read the Instructions specific to the category you’re uploading to
            1. Click “Author Dashboard”
            2. Under where it says “Begin Upload,” select your category
            3. Click “Help”
          2. Upload your file
            1. Click “Author Dashboard”
            2. Under where it says “Begin Upload,” select your category
            3. Click “Upload”


          Q: How do authors get paid?
          A: Here’s the info on when and how you will get paid.

          Q: Do you have a referral program?
          A: Yes, if you refer a new member, you get 30% of their first deposit, whether they buy your file or someone else’s. Here’s more info on our referral program.

          Q: Do I retain the rights to my own file?
          A: Yes, it’s your file. We just provide a venue to sell it.

          Q: Can my payment rate ever go down?
          A: Nope, unlike some of the other major stock marketplaces your rate will never go down, regardless of sales volume.

          Q: Are files reviewed or will you accept anything?
          A: Each file goes through a rigorous reviewing process to make sure the quality is top notch. That’s why so many buyers choose our marketplaces over those that accept lower quality files.

          Q: Can I make more money by selling exclusively with Envato?
          A: Yes. Here is the full breakdown of rates depending on exclusivity.

          Q: Is exclusivity based on the author or the individual file? Meaning, could I sell one file here and sell a completely different one on my own site?
          A: Exclusivity is on a per file basis so yes, as long as the files are completely different, you could sell one here and one on your site.

          Q: I don’t want to have my files sold with the extended license. Can I opt out?
          A: Yes, but there are definite advantages to opting in.

          Q: Who is responsible for copyright violations in files I’ve submitted?
          A: As the author, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re not violating anyone’s copyright by uploading your file. If you’re unsure if you’re allowed to use an asset within your file, ask the asset’s owner or a lawyer.

          Q: Who determines the price of my file?
          A: All files are priced by Envato and its staff, to ensure prices consistently reflect factors such as quality, complexity, potential demand and licence type.

          Q: Am I required to support the files I upload?
          A: Providing support is a great way to ensure repeat business from buyers, but no, it’s not required unless the file is actually broken.

          Q: Are there file types that you already have plenty of that you no longer accept?
          A: If a category is oversaturated, that just means the quality standards go up. You’ll have to give it a unique spin or make it much nicer looking for it to be approved.